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Opened in early 2016 we want to bring back the elegance that once welcomed all: businessmen, mothers, children, dining families, hungry students, writers finding their characters and the feverish tourist seeking respite from the hot summer days.

The menus for day and night are seasonal. We offer locally sourced produce, craft beers and a wide array of cocktails for all tastes. The concept of Brunch or Breakfast was late coming to Barcelona. Pioneering the idea at our first restaurant Milk, since 2005. It has been embraced by one and all and is wildly popular, which is why we serve it at Firebug 7 days a week. If you can’t have brunch with us then the next best brunch experience is brunch in the park with friends and family in the nearby Parc Ciutadella. We also do food to go! Everything from Crab Benedict with its luxurious hollandaise sauce to our famous ¨drunken prawns¨ and let’s not forget the fabulous bloody mary´s and mimosa´s to the mojitos and caipirinhas. Dinner is served from 7pm to midnight. We hope there´s a little for everyone, meat eaters, vegetarian, vegan and for all the rest of you.

In Firebug´s world, you, the dear patron, will allow us to look after you, leaving with your wallet slightly lighter and your stomach slightly heavier than when you first arrived, and perhaps with your spirit a touch refreshed.


We, like many others, have a strong belief in the need to create shared spaces, to break down barriers, to celebrate difference rather than judge it and where we all rub up against each other but in a good way. In Firebug we are not able to fix things outside of our little oasis but we can make sure, within our world, things are as they should be..

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From Barcelona

With Love

Our menu is made up of a collections of tapas sized plates with an emphasis on sharing. The “Sharing plates” have different aspects to allow guests to taste everything we have on offer while not breaking the bank.

Sustainability is now a necessity for the bottom line and the common good. A seismic shift in our culture away from processed food towards whole, real, fresh foods has helped us create a menu where vegetables are at last beginning to move to the center of the plate.

The interest in ‘natural’ has boosted sales of ancient grains and super foods.

Growing suspicion of tricky chemical concoctions has prompted a revival of interest in traditional and indigenous diets, ‘historical’ ingredients and food processing in the ‘natural and old-fashioned way’.

The growing emphasis on physical fitness and diet has spawned a whole new demand and market for ‘clean foods’, energy and sports drinks, vegetable juices, raw foods and food that make us ‘glow’ with good health.

Welcome to firebug!

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Patrons go doolally about the drinks here. The “Gin & Vermouth Division” and ¨Happy Hour¨ are dangerous enough but also the Bloody Mary´s are made with feistiness.

Be aware that feistiness abounds, but there is no swearing!!


Most of the tables in our restaurant are kept unreserved so we can accommodate anyone who visits us. You may have to wait, depending on what time of the day you visit, but we will be able to find you a table.

If there is a wait, we also have a Cocktail bar where the night can be lightened up with one of our infamous concoctions.

Please feel free to contact us at info@firebugbarcelona.com with any of your enquiries or on  +34 932 440 209.

We are always at your service.