Tapas & Sharing

Meticulously put together for you

marinated olives €3.95
with feta, sundried tomatoes, shallots, garlic and oregano
patatas bravas €4.25
spanish fried potatoes with a traditional bravas sauce and aioli
dali dal €5.95
vegetarian lentil dal with sour cream and toated pita
salt ´n´pepper calamari €9,25
seasoned with ground and toasted pepper, lightly fried, with a dashi dipping sauce
cesar salad €7.95
romaine, herb croutons, bacon, parmesan, topped with a soft truffle poached egg
asian chicken salad €7.95
shredded raw vegetables, fresh orange sesame vinaigrette, toasted cashews
meat balls €8.25
beef, onion, parsley and garlic, cooked in a rich tomato and marjoram sauce, served with grated parmesan cheese and crusty bread
creamy buratta €8.25
with toasted organic sourdough bruschetta, aubergine caviar and beetroot peals with a radish and watercress salad
crab cakes €9.25
made with thai red curry, crab and cod, served with a hot and sweet chili dip
vegetarian mezze on wood (perfect for sharing) €12.95
hummus, black olive tapenade, couscous muhammara, charred queso fresco, pistachios and toasted honey and dukkha coated flour tortilla
ceviche pow! pow! €9.25
with sea bass, mango,thai style leche de tigre and a coliflower cous cous
girl on fire baba ganoush €7.95
labane cheese, mil flores honey, sesame, cumin poppadoms
bang bang pollo €8.25
peanut marinated chicken skewers with spicy dipping sauce
drunken prawns €8.95
sauteeed in butter, marinated garlic and white wine, with flour tortilla wraps
yaki soba noodles with beef €9.95
oriental vegetables, yakatori sauce, aionori seaweed, benishoga pickled ginger & sisao spices
nacho nacho €8.25
cheese, mexican beans, jalapeños, guacamole sour cream
sticky fingers €8.95
chicken wings, slow cooked with soy, brown sugar, tamarind, ginger and garlic, served with a green bean, sesame and chili salad
crispy peking duck pancakes €9.95
hoisin sauce, cucumber, leek and spring onion salad
surf & turf hamburger €10.95
100% ground beef from a local boqueria butcher with prawns, smoked cheese, chorizo mayo, brioche bun and french fries
nurse jackie hamburger €9.95
100% ground beef from our local boqueria butcher, goats cheese, piquillo peppers, crispy onion, honey, brioche bun, served with french fries
pho bo, vietnamese spare ribs in broth €9.95
with glass noodles, mushrooms, coriander bean sprouts, salty sambal olek, and a deep fried spring onion and ginger mole